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Meet Farida & Jack

For us, Mother’s Day 2019 is all about the things we’ve got from our mamas - whoever that may be. From your biological, adopted or step mum to a big sister, friend or uncle, we’re celebrating all mother figures. Farida and Jack are our RI HQ mother and son tag team, Jack, who has Cerebral Palsy is an aspiring chef and Farida is our Chief Brand Officer. We caught up to talk Mother’s Day plans, technology and tidiness…

Introduce yourselves...

Farida: I’m Farida Kaikobad and I’ve been at River Island 36 years - at the moment I’m Chief Brand Officer.
Jack: I’m Jack Dylan Saunders

Jack, how would you describe your mum…

Jack: Fun, smiley and glam!

Farida, tell us about Jack…

Farida: It’s a privilege to be Jack’s mum. He’s really good fun, determined, has had lots of challenges and obstacles in life and always faces them head on, with a smile. He’s got a brilliant sunny disposition and has taught me how wonderful it is to be open and accepting of anything, everything and everyone in life.

Do you have a favourite memory of you and your mum?

Jack: Getting her iPhone and setting it up for her - she’s on all social media now and has got on board with it.

What have you learnt from her?

Jack: Fashion and style. I’m also very neat and organised.
Farida: We have a zero tolerance washing basket - it’s a very fast rotation! 

Tell us what’s unique about your relationship?

Farida: We’re a family but we’re also friends, we have a lot of common interests. We all love music, clothes and travelling. My memories are full of lots of experiences with friends and family around music, food and holidays.

Jack, we’ve heard you’re a great chef, do you cook for your mum?

Jack: I’m very social and like to host parties. Last weekend I cooked a veggie chilli and I’m making cottage pie this weekend with boozy trifle for grandma. She likes the sherry a lot.

What has Jack learnt from you? What can you see in him?

Farida: Being very organised and quite tidy. We like everything in its place and creating nice atmospheres with flowers, candles, mood lighting. We also both enjoy a challenge. He’s at his best when he’s got a purpose - we like achieving things.

What would you like to get for Mother’s Day?

Farida: I’d just like a nice day together, making memories with family.

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