It’s back, back, back again! Lockdown 3.0 is in full swing and while we’re not excited about it, we’re well equipped with how to handle it. What we’ve learned from past lockdowns is the importance of movement. No, we don’t mean running a full marathon a few times a week (unless that’s your jam, of course) but doing what you fancy to get your heart rate up and feel good! We’re all about those mood-boosting moves and making them count, whether they’re minor or major. This is how to boss your daily exercise sesh and make the most out of getting outdoors…

Don’t have a dog? We feel your pain. Fill that dog-shaped hole in your heart and head to your local park or green space for a bit of dog-spotting! Or, if you’re lucky enough to own a pooch, take them out and show them off.

No, we’re not talking about the one that you sign up for, we’re talking about a Phoebe from Friends type of fun run. The type of run where you wear your brightest clothes and lose your inhibitions. Let those limbs run wild, we promise you it’ll be, well, fun.

Going on a long walk, headphones in with your favourite podcast playing is one of our top lockdown activities. Pick that long episode you’ve been saving and just keep strolling until it ends. It’ll feel like you’ve gone out for a catch up with your mates!

There’s nothing like going to big *insert your favourite supermarket name here*, is there? If your nearest big supermarket is in walking distance, head there and reward yourself with a tasty treat when you arrive. If it’s too far and you have to drive, just make sure you walk down every single aisle to get your steps in.

Turn the park into your own runway and get dressed up in your most fabulous, extra look. Where else are you going to wear it? Make sure you do a good few laps to get as many eyes on you as possible.