The River Island people pledge

We are proud to employ around 8400 colleagues, most of which are based within the UK and the ROI. As a responsible business, we are committed to providing our people with a safe and healthy working environment. We are passionate in our promise to promote personal development, respect, diversity and inclusivity. Exceptional people have made River Island a success for over 70 years and will continue to do so in the years ahead. We consider it our responsibility to ensure our employees enjoy coming to work in a culture that is free from harassment, victimisation and discrimination.

Our Employee Handbooks voice our position as a responsible employer, setting out the standards that we uphold in relation to Recruitment, Benefits, Personal Development, Responsibilities and overall wellbeing. These standards apply across the whole of our operations for all of our employees.

  • Head Office Employee Handbook
  • Retail Uk Employee Handbook
  • Distribution Centre Employee Handbook
  • ROI Employee Handbook
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