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Homeware Care Instructions

Homeware Care Instructions

The best way to take care of your items is to follow the care instructions on the labels of our products and packaging. However, please also note the following general guidance:

Always handle glass with care. If your glass product has any scratches or cracks this could lead to an item shattering. It is also advisable to leave glass out of direct sunlight.

Leather is sensitive to heat and light, so avoid leaving it in sunlight for a long time.

Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid contact with sharp objects to prevent scratches. Some polishes may lead to tarnishing, so always follow the care instructions on your cleaning products.

Items with removable covers will have care instructions, detailing the best way to clean. Items with non-removable covers are best cleaned with a dry cloth. Always be aware of naked flames and heat sources.

In the event of a spillage, clean immediately with a clean, dry cloth as this will prevent stains.

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