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A day in the (new normal) life of Islander Charlotte

As you may know, we closed our warehouse for a bit, which meant no more packages of joy heading your way!  While we were pretty sad about it, we needed some time to make sure things were safe and that we were doing right by our Islanders. While shut, we got busy putting new systems in place.  Here to tell us about the new setup and what it’s like to work at the RI  warehouse, Charlotte is just one of the amazing team members who has helped us reopen and get some of our Islanders back to work…

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I’m Charlotte, I’ve worked for River Island for 12 years! I started on the web department, right at the beginning of our online journey. I now work in Health & Safety, which has been challenging but is so important right now. 

What’s been happening while the warehouse was closed?

My main focus is to help the business protect people, it's important to respect and adapt to this new normal as much as possible. I have spent the last few weeks preparing equipment, supporting the big clean-up and organising posters and training guides for all the PPE we have. 

What does a (new) normal day look like?

Talking to the team, at a safe distance, to make sure they understand and follow the new guidelines, I am also spending a lot of time training the management team so we can all work together to stay safe. As a mental health first aider for River Island it’s been important to remind colleagues where they can find support  and check in on how they are coping with returning to work. 

How do you feel about the warehouse reopening?

I am so glad the warehouse is back up and running, the colleagues I've spoken to, just like the customers, really want to be a part of something. Whether it's with people online or keeping up to date with the latest fashion, we all still want to feel connected.

What do you love about River Island?

I am very proud to work for River Island and grateful to be able to help in making our workplace safe for our staff. My colleagues are really amazing; thinking of ways to support from donating supplies to transport staff delivering NHS equipment. Beyond that we’ve all been checking up on each other and  offering a helpful hand, whether it was a chat online or loo roll left on a doorstep.

A closer look at how our warehouse teams are staying safe